When approaching a new game, it is important to know and study its rules, starting from the distribution of the cards up to the appearance of the table and the disposition of the players during the online casino Singapore games. The first approach to this game is the one with the table: you will immediately notice the shovel (or paddle), a peculiar tool used for different card games as well as poker, useful for collecting cards between one hand and another, the high number of decks and the presence of several players. As we have seen in some variations of the game the bank is fixed, in others it moves in turn: the important thing is to always remember that hand can only end in three ways:

  • for the benefit of the player;
  • for the benefit of the counter;
  • tied.

In this regard, the important thing is not to be discouraged at the first attempts: you will soon understand how baccarat is a quick game, in which luck can turn the tide of a hand and a whole game in a few seconds. The best advice, therefore, remains to approach the game with caution and learn as much as possible before betting high sums: also, for this reason, you will find further information on the management of money and on the systems to be put into practice to get by even in case of unfavorable hands.

All about baccarat scores

The peculiarity of baccarat, which differentiates it from other games in which you have to get as close as possible to a certain figure, such as 21 in the case of blackjack or 31 in that of the homonymous card game, is how they are calculating the points during the hands and the figure to reach, the 9precisely. The cards have a different value compared to the classic card games, and the operation that most characterizes this game is that of subtracting the tens to have a single-digit more or less close to 9. Thanks to this peculiarity, the game is decidedly unusual and unpredictable. In addition to the need to be quick in the calculation, it is particularly stimulating precisely because it is necessary to go beyond the usual conception of the card game scores and adapt to the points calculation system typical of baccarat.

How the scores are calculated

How many cards does it take to play baccarat, and, above all, how are the points for each card calculated? As we saw in the previous chapter of this guide, the cards in play are numerous: baccarat is played with decks of French cards in a number ranging from the traditional six to the eight, each consisting of 52 cards all the jokers is removed. Each card has a different value:

  • the figures, therefore the ace, the king, the queen, and the jack, are worth 0;
  • the 10 are worth 0;
  • the other cards are worth the number they represent.

Money management

The best way to manage money when playing baccarat is the same method applies to many other casino games: it is about starting to get familiar with the rules of the game and with the most effective bets by watching others play or, better yet, trying out the online demo versions that allow you to learn how to play without investing for real money.

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